Rampage: Tag Tornament (2013)Edit

Genre: Fighting

Developer(s): Pipeworks Software

Publisher(s): Midway Games

Year And Date: April, 13, 2013

Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii

Mode(s): Single-Player, Multiplayer

Characters 'Animals'Edit

Playable Characters

George The Main Protagonist Monkey. George - Rampage Wiki

Ralph the Main Protagonist Wolf. Ralph - Rampage Wiki

Lizzie The Main Protagonist Lizard Or Komodo Dragon.Lizzie - Rampage Wiki - Rampage Wiki - Wikia

Curtis The Mouse Looks Smilar To Rhett. - New Playable Character

Myukus The One-Eyed Cyclops from 'Rampage 2' And 'Rampage Through Time'. - Unlockable Character from Story Mode.

Ruby The Lobster

Boris The Heavy Weight Rhino With Powerful Abilites.

Harley The Warthog - (Rampage Through Time)

Felix The Gargoyle - The Main Protagonist Red Gargoyle Who Breathes Fire On His Mouth. Felix Looks Similar To Brooklyn And Firebrand. (DLC) Appears At Playstation Plus

Jack The Jackalope - Playable Character From (Rampage Total Destruction)

Space Alien - Unplayable Character Who Appears From (Rampage 2 Universal Tour)

Mecha-George - Unplayable Character 'The Robot Looks Like George'

Joe The Wildman - (Rampage Total Detsruction) Joe - Rampage Wiki

Leon The Lion - (Rampage Total Destruction)

Amanda The Armadillo - (Rampage Total Destruction) Amanda - Rampage Wiki

NEW Places And ArenasEdit

New York


London (Wolfman)

Japan (Godzilla)

Green Woods (The Gruffalo And Gruffalo's Child)

Ice Berg (Polar Bear)


The Castle (Gargoyle)

Las Vegas (Midnight)





Midway Arcade Room (DLC) Downloadable Content Arena